Hello and Welcome,
If you're looking for someone to professionally install your window coverings in the Coachella Valley or in the Orange County area you've come to the right place.
I've worked in the business since I was a teenager. Opened my first drapery and wallpaper store in 1979. Founded Mr. Miniblind in 1986. 
You could say I have a few connections in this business...and I'm still not ready to hang up my tool belt.
If you need someone to measure and install your blinds, shutters and draperies give us a call. 
I have an amazing network of talented, veteran installers all across the U.S. and Canada.
And before you buy your window treatments I'm happy to share resources.
Happy window covering!

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A little background (back in the day):

1989 LA Times: Big Horizons for Mr. Miniblind

1989 LA Times: Franchising America, Mr. Miniblind in Japan
Serving the Coachella Valley and Orange County, CA

Mark Huckins, the Retired Miniblind Installer
Founder of Lifetime Blinds